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Over the years, we have had the opportunity and privilege to assist both new and existing clients with their real estate appraisal and consulting issues.  During those years, most of you have asked the question: "What is my property or the property worth?".  The answer to your question is here!

We, at S.M. Davidson & Associates, have created five basic investment calculators designed to provide you, the user, the ability to estimate a property's value via the Income Capitalization Approach predicated upon your own input figures or assumptions.

Please keep in mind that these informational and interactive investment calculators are "basic", and have been made available to you as a self-help tool for your independent use and are not intended to provide appraisal or investment advice.  We can not and do not guarantee their applicability or accuracy in regards to your individual circumstances.  All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes.  We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals such as S.M. Davidson & Associates regarding your real estate appraisal and consulting issues.